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With respect to internal demand, the last years have favored the incorporation to the restoration chains of the client, a worker, who requests restoration services due to current work habits. The expansion of schedules, the incorporation of women into the labor market, more and more frequent movements and work centers indian restaurant located in city centers, far from residential areas, make catering a factor to be taken into account in most of the jobs. The last parameter that can intervene in the demand is the age of the population. As mentioned in previous sections, the product is intended for populations over years of age, but it is usually from to when the real concern for health begins, and the economic capacity allows expenses slightly higher than the of other fast food catering businesses. As we see in the population pyramid in spain, we are probably at an optimum time to start this type of business.

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Judging by the forecast for the year, the product is in the phase of growth, and its useful life could extend several decades. Since, spending on r& d in spain has suffered serious cuts, moving the country to the th position in the world innovation ranking drawn up in by the world economic forum. However, in the catering sector, and especially in the segment western restaurant where we are located, technological innovations are late, and are not decisive when evaluating profitability, especially when no brand or company stands out. Its technological innovation. While it is true that some technology is essential for the optimal management of the business cameras, kitchen machinery, order control computers, inventories, etc., this is within the reach of any entrepreneur.

Restoration businesses generate waste derived from the consumption of raw materials and energy. However, the regulations related to this aspect are much looser than the social conscience currently manifested. Without going any further, there is no compulsory recycling of any waste from any catering business. Even so, there are the means to channel any of these wastes so that their treatment is respectful to the environment, and there is no formal obligation, there is a moral obligation, nowadays a business that enjoys good public perception is not viable. Do not put all measures within your reach to optimize waste management. The differentiation in terms of freshness of the product, due to its immediate preparation, and the restaurants near me quality of the products, duly informed to the customer before read more the purchase decision is intended to be the distinguishing elements with respect to direct competition.

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It should be added that the costs associated with this management are extremely low. Second, optimizing the consumption of resources, in addition to a social responsibility inherent in the continuity of any organization, is a significant economic saving. The consumption of resources is a cost, and avoiding their waste benefits both the environment and the organization itself. Modifies the order of from which we extract that can not be charged intangible services reservation of place, covered. Is included in the price of a menu bread and wine restaurants of less than forks should offer a menu with a price of less than of the pvp of its components separately, the price letter must restaurants near me be deposited in the provincial delegation of tourism and display a sealed copy in the establishment are the and pizzerias those that have begun to commercialize some years ago products close to those that are intended to be offered as salads, integral, and so on.